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    Alcoholic Drink Abused is Destroyed


    BANDUNG - Evidence of alcoholism or alcohol abuse that caused dozens of people killed in West Java annihilated ranks of West Java Police in the square of Cicalengka, Bandung regency, Thursday (19/4).

    West Java Police Chief Inspector General of Pol Agung Budi Maryoto directs the destruction activities that have killed 62 people in various places in West Java.

    Meanwhile, the suspect police will wear article 204 of the Criminal Code (Penal Code) with the threat of punishment of 15 to 20 years in prison.

    Most victims died in Cicalengka Bandung regency 45 people. 7 people died in the city of Bandung. Sukabumi district died as many as 7 people. While in Cianjur two districts died and Kabupaten Ciamis one person died.

    A number of evidences destroyed include 224 boxes or 5,376 bottles of 600 milliliter packaging. Also found the raw material makers include mineral water Minola as much as 115 boxes, redbell dye as much as 39 boxes or 468 small bottles, alcohol as much as 23 cans 25 liters of juice, energy powder Bima noodles as many as 66 boxes and a bucket of large and small. Jo

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