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    Kadin: There Must Be Regulation of Local Workers in The High-Speed Train


    BANDUNG-West Java Kadin Chairman Sutisno said the high-speed railways construction is becoming a prestigious project and has positive impact on growth West Java development, but the citizens of West Java shouldn't be as a spectator only.

    "I take an example, when built a Jatigede Dam, the people vast majority was came from China. I do not want this train built by workers from China without involving local workers," he said, in Bandung (19/2).

    He hopes the government will prepare regulation to protect the local workers to engage directly with the high-speed railways construction.

    "This project should be ideally made a sign. The construction in Jati Gede used a truck driver from China. We would get complaints from members that why they were not involved," he said.

    Although there were workers from China, he hopes it is at the level of leaders or workers who know the project details, and not on blue-collar workers, such as drivers or labourers building. In addition after the project completed, they should be returned to China instead of settling here.

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