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    Use of New Breakthrough Android Technique of Register Selection Simultaneous Incoming State University Unpad


    BANDUNG - Register Selection Simultaneous Incoming State University (SBMPTN) 2018 has been open since 5 April to 27 April.

    SBMPTN may be attended by high school graduates / MA / SMK / MA or equivalent in 2016, 2017, and 2018. This time SBMPTN will be held in two ways: Print Based Writing Exam (UTBC) and Computer Based Based Comprehension Exam (UTBK). Total Plan Number of SBMPTN Participants with UTBC and UTBK Exam at Panlok 34 Bandung is 46,935 participants.

    Executive Secretary I Local Committee (Panlok) 34 Bandung 2018 Asep Gana Suganda said the target number of participants SBMPTN include 43,600 participants category UTBC and 3.270 participants UTBK category.

    "There is something new in the implementation of UTBK in SBMPTN 2018. If in the previous year UTBK implementation only use desktop (PC) then this year launched a new application called Mobile Assisted Testing (MAT) SBMPTN 2018, where the implementation of UTBK will also be implemented by using Android-based devices, "he said Wednesday (18/4).

    The use of application that is motivated by the current trend of mobile technology development, is the first and only held by the University of Padjadjaran on SBMPTN 2018.

    Vice Rector for Academic and Student Affairs of Padjadjaran University Arry Bainus explained that when registering the participant must also register the device to be used at UTBK and will be recorded its Media Access Control (MAC) code, and later the device must be used at UTBK.

    Arry also confirmed that the participants ensure that the device they will use in accordance with the specifications required to follow this Android-based UTBK. However, the MAT application is currently under development so it is only used in Unpad for 1,000 participants only.

    SBMPTN MAT application is the latest convenience for SBMPTN participants. Participants simply download the MAT Tools app on cbt.sbmptn.ac.id page. Before downloading, there are some conditions that must be adjusted by the participant's device.

    The requirements include the minimal Android OS based KitKat (APL 19), has 1.5 GB of RAM, has a minimum 4.5 inches screen, and has 802.11n or 802.11ac wireless protocol.

    In addition, the device has a good battery condition or it is advisable to carry a power bank (power bank) while conducting the exam. For devices with a screen size of 4.5 to 6.9 inches, has a resolution of at least 720 × 960 pixels and 240 dpi density. While for the screen is more or equal to 7 inches, has a resolution of at least 600 × 960 pixels and 160 dpi density. Jo

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