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    No Need to Worry, Electricity for BIJB PLN has been prepared


    BANDUNG - Electricity becomes the earliest required component before commencing development, including building West Java International Airport (BIJB). To that end PLN is preparing stock of supplies for the airport which will start operating in May.

    Human Capital Central PLN Management Muhamad Ali confirms that currently the availability of PLN data is secure and even very sufficient so ready to support the emergence of new industrial areas, including BIJB.

    According to him, in 2015 the national electricity condition is still deficit, but since 2017 the national electricity stock is very safe. This condition will be better if the national electrical program 35 thousand MW realized.

    Iwan Purwana, General Manager of PLN Jabar, said that PLN is ready to provide electricity connection at BIJB request.

    "It has been connected as much as 15 MVA for the airport alone, while for the aerocity plan we have not prepared because it is still calculated who will invest there," he explained.

    However, according to him PLN will build substations in the area where the power to be generated can reach above 100 MVA.

    He said with so many requests it shows there is actually an investment demand that continues to appear in West Java.

    "It means better investment, and we are ready to support for electric power," he concluded. (Jo)

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