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    Governor Aher Inaugurated Four New Samsat & Tax Service Innovations


    SUMBER - To increase the local revenue (PAD) and provide ease of service for the community, West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) inaugurated four new offices of the Regional Revenue Management Center / Samsat along with four West Java Samsat services.

    The four new offices of Samsat which are inaugurated simultaneously are Samsat of Cirebon I Regency, Regency of Indramayu II Haurgeulis Regency, Bogor Regency and Samsat Region of Karawang Regency. The inauguration was conducted centrally in Samsat office of Cirebon Regency I, Sumber, Sunan Drajat road No. 11 Sumber Kabupaten Cirebon, Wednesday (18/04/2018).

    While the latest innovation for the ease of the people of West Java in paying motor vehicle taxes and BBN is Sambara (Samsat Mobile West Java), Side Katepel (Samsat Taping KTP Elektronik), SMS Info 8787 and Non-cash Payment Counters.

    Governor Aher said the presence of the new office and innovation has two functions: facilitating public services and increasing revenue. That way, Aher also target West Java Revenue up to 10% per year.

    "This can raise Revenue to 10 percent, 10 percent is big, because 10 percent of the Rp 14 trillion (PAD) it means Rp 1 trillion more yearly increase is a great achievement and the impact is also amazing .. Now our Regional Budget Expenditure in Rp 34 trillion, 17 percent of the regional revenue that comes from PKB and BBNKB, "said Aher.

    Aher also said that in the near future will issue a policy that is a second program BBNKB free and tax penalties.

    "God willing, in the future, there will be a second program of BBNKB free and tax-free, this is also a service or policy so that people will immediately settle their tax administration and liabilities," he said.

    Currently the capacity of West Java provincial financial ability belong to the level of self-sufficiency is high enough. This is evident from the realization of Revenue during 2017 which contributed 56.25% to the regional income. Achievement is not separated from the active role of West Java Bapenda as a collector of local taxes and user charges.

    "Bapenda's central role must be continuously enhanced with breakthroughs and innovations to boost local revenue," Aher said.

    At the same time improving the quality of service to the community must continue to run. For that, said Aher, facilities or facilities owned by Bapenda, especially Samsat as UPTD which directly intersect with the community must support.

    "I am confident that this new office and innovation will contribute positively to the success of West Java Bapenda's work programs in the future," Aher said.

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