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    2,304 Prospective Students Passed UNPAD National Selection of State Universities


    BANDUNG - In this year, 2,304 people are accepted in Unpad through SNMPTN. Participants of the National Selection of State Universities (SNMPTN) who chose Padjadjaran University can check their graduation on page http://pengumuman.unpad.ac.id/sarjana since Tuesday afternoon (17/04). Participants simply fill in the participant's number and date of birth to check their graduation.

    "All who qualify is what makes Unpad as the choice of number 1 (one)," said Vice Rector for Academic and Student Affairs, Padjadjaran University. Arry Bainus, M.A, Tuesday evening (17/4).

    In this year, Unpad Informatics Engineering Study Program becomes the highest strictness study program in Unpad or the 3rd one in Indonesia for group study program of Saintek. Meanwhile, the Management Study Program became the highest-scaled study program in Unpad for the soshum group study program.

    In addition, Unpad became the University with the highest enthusiasts (favorites) all over Indonesia, meaning that it has been 7 consecutive years and the increasingly tight competition.

    Dr. Arry appealed to participants SNMPTN who qualified to enter Unpad, to register as a new student Unpad by completing biodata online at http://pengumuman.unpad.ac.id page from 19 to 24 April 2018 at 17.00 pm.

    In addition, the applicant is also required to complete the registration requirements as stated in the Circular Letter which is listed on http://pengumuman.unpad.ac.id page. They are also required to submit legalized copy of the report card on 22-28 April 2018 postmarked to PO BOX 45363 Cikeruh Jatinangor Sumedang.

    Prospective students can also know the amount of tuition starting on May 1, 2018 after completing online biodata. The payment can be made on 1-8 May 2018 at one of Unpad's appointed banks.

    Furthermore, prospective freshmen will perform administrative registration in Grha Sanusi Hardjadinata Unpad, Dipati Ukur Street No. 35 Bandung on May 8, 2018, in accordance with the schedule obtained, after completing the biodata. The completeness of the file that must be taken when registering is listed on the circular. To avoid congestion when registering, it is suggested to prospective students not to bring personal vehicle.

    Dr. Arry also conveyed regarding the requirement to submit a Health Certificate and Free of Color Blindness that the test can be performed at any government hospital.

    "For those who have BPJS cards can be shown during medical tests to the government hospital," he continued.

    For the prospective student who has fulfilled all the provisions as stated in the Circular Letter, is entitled to get the Student Identity Card. Meanwhile, for prospective students who do not meet one of the provisions until the deadline of the time specified, the relevant declared resigned as a prospective student Unpad. (Jo)

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