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    Losses of Fraud Investment Reach Hundreds of Trillion Rupiah


    BANDUNG - Since 2007 to 2017 or the last ten years, the Financial Services Authority (OJK) recorded the loss of the community due to illegal investment or fraud investment reached 105 trillion rupiah.

    Head of Task Force (Satgas) OJK Investment Tongam L. Tobing mention the high loss of the community or loss of funds because the perpetrators of fraud investment crime able to attract investors with a promise seductive.

    "The victims are almost all circles of private employees, civil servants, housewives and even officials. Even until high education there is a hoax, "he said in Bandung.

    He said in West Java itself there are some cases of fraud investment under the guise of investment, MLM or cooperative savings and loan. For example, Pandawa cooperatives that managed to raise public funds up to Rp 3.8 trillion, whereas its members are only less than 200 people.

    He said it was easy for the victim to be tempted, mostly because he was enamored with his brother's seduction first, or information from friends. Yet according to him, many oddities of the investment offered.

    For example giving 1% interest per day or 10 percent interest per month. This is of course tantalizing for people who want to get rich quick, without a difficult effort, just enough to invest some funds.

    "The task force is preventive prevention with socialization. This is an economic crime, because investing is not just a rich man. Understanding of society less related to investment should continue to be socialized. Where are the clear signs. What is certain investment companies must get a business license from OJK, that's just how to anticipate it, "he asserted. jo

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