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    MTQ XXXV: Aher Invites Muslims to Carry Out Al-Qur'an


    SUKABUMI REGENCY - West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) again reminded of the obligations of Muslims against the holy book of the Qur'an. There are many duties that must be done to bring the Qur'an in real life.

    Aher revealed this in the opening of Musabaqah Tilawatil Qur'an (MTQ) XXXV West Java Provincial Level Year 2018 in Palabuhanratu Square, Sukabumi Regency, Saturday night (14/4/18).

    MTQ is expected to not only be a competition to choose the best. Furthermore, Aher invites Muslims to further glorify, glorify, and ground the Qur'an in the earth of West Java.

    "Let us present some of our obligations to the Qur'an," Aher said in his speech.

    The first and foremost obligation is that we believe in the whole verse of the Qur'an that descended upon the Prophet Muhammad. "Our choice before the Qur'an is only two, faithful or unbelieving, we must believe in all, we can not leave a single verse from the Qur'an for us to doubt and we do not believe," Aher explained.

    "I invite all the people of West Java, let us believe in Al-Qur'an entirely, completely, confidently confident that the Qur'an is true from Allah SWT," he added.

    The second obligation, to the Qur'an we must read, tadzabur, and implement it well. Reading the Qur'an is our worship to God. Aher said, there is no reading that only by reading it contains worship and reward to Allah, except reading the Qur'an.

    "Our duty to the rest of the Qur'an is, let us carry out the Qur'an well in our lives, and we believe it well," says Aher.

    Meanwhile, Head of West Java Provincial Office of the Ministry of Religious Affairs, A. Buchori said that the Qur'an is the main source of true Islamic teachings, the teachings of Rahmatan Lil'alamin.

    "Substantively this activity (MTQ) further reinforces our belief that the Qur'an is the main source to refer to the true teachings of Islam, as the teachings that rahmatan lil'alamin, to the civilization of Indonesia that wasatiyah," Buchori said in his speech.

    Another thing, Buchori judge the MTQ become syiar in actualizing the teachings and values contained in the Qur'an. Culturally, MTQ is also a place of silaturahim between ulema, student, and society.

    "Therefore, the roles and policies of the Regional Government, especially the Regional Governments in developing and managing, as well as developing them through the Institute for the Development of Qur'anic Tilawatil (LPTQ) become strategic in building efforts, maintaining diversity in society," Buchori said.

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