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    Congestion Resulting in Wastage of Trillions Rupiah


    BANDUNG Congestion has a major disadvantage, especially in terms of waste fuel and time. Transportation experts from ITB Harun Al Rashid in the socialisation of high-speed railways that connecting Jakarta-Bandung at Panghegar Hotel, Friday (19/2) said the losses due to congestion reached trillions of rupiah.

    He gave an example due to congestion in Jabodetabek have lead to waste and unforeseen costs up to Rp 70 trillion. For Jakarta itself has reached wasteful loss of Rp 46 trillion.

    "For Bandung, it could reach Rp 5 trillion, while in Bandung highway has reached Rp 15 trillion in one year. Just imagine if it combined between Jakarta and Bandung, how many trillions it could be?" he said.

    He compared with the high-speed railways that uses budget of Rp 70 trillion, and it was built and operated for a period 50 years agreement. If it compared to the amount of loss due to congestion is certainly much greater than the funds to build the high-speed train. 

    "The high-speed trains valued of Rp 70 trillion, but it is for during 50 years. The value itself is
    depend on the size of the count," said Aaron.

    He said there are positive and negative effects of the high-speed train, but the negative impact should have to be overcame so that people can get benefit from this high-speed railway construction.

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