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    Outbreaks Miras Oplosan, Health Office Ensures Hospital is No Logistics Shortage


    BANDUNG - West Java Provincial Health Office said the victims of alcoholic drink poisoning in Bandung regency a few days ago, experiencing symptoms of methanol poisoning, ie corrosive substances that can cause damage to organs, usually used for fuel, not for drinks.

    Head of West Java Provincial Health Office, Dodo Suhendar said the blood sample of the victim and the rest of the goods that the poisoned alcoholic drinking is still being investigated in the health laboratory. West Java Provincial Health Office continues to ensure hospitals that care for these victims are not short of logistics and medical personnel.
    Based on the latest data, he said, the total casualties in Bandung regency reached 145 people with 41 deaths. In Cicalengka hospital there are 103 people treated and 31 people died, in Majalaya hospital there are 60 patients and died 3 people, and in AMC hospital there are 16 victims treated and died 7 people.
    "Patients in the ER undergo detoxification, get rid of toxins and get intensive care," said Dodo at the Health Office of West Java, on Wednesday .
    Dodo said he was very concerned about the incident and it could reflect people's lack of knowledge about harmful substances. In addition, poor stress management in the community so that makes liquor and even dangerous goods as an escape.
    "There is an unfamiliarity with certain types of chemicals," he said, adding, "If alcohol is distributed and the area of circulation is clear, if mixed with the insecticides with spirits and pure alcohol, it is not food at all."
    Head of Health Resources Division at West Java Provincial Health Office, Ismirni, said most of the victims of alcohol poisoning patients experience symptoms of methanol poisoning. However, it is still awaiting the results of the laboratory for more definitive information.
    "The phenomenon of methanol poisoning begins with nausea, vomiting, and blurred vision.In the body, methanol is transformed into formaldehyde or formalin and formic acid that is corrosive," said Ismirni. (Even)

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