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    Bio Farma: Implementation of Pharmaceutical Industry Halal Standard is Becoming Challenge


    BANDUNG - Implementation of halal standards in the pharmaceutical industry is a challenge, considering that about 95% of pharmaceutical raw materials are still imported, so for the implementation of this halal product guarantee, critical enough for the pharmaceutical industry needs support from raw material suppliers.

    From the release of PT Bio Farma, it was revealed Director of Bio Farma M. Rahman Roestan as one of the speakers in the International Islamic Healthcare Conference and Expo (IHEX) at the Jakarta Convention Center on Tuesday (10/4/2018). This conference is the first time held by the All Muslim Health Assembly All Indonesia (MUKISI) which consists of Islamic Hospital in Indonesia.

    In his presentation, Rahman started with the role of Bio Farma, as state-owned enterprises in the Islamic country and developing countries to ensure independence and availability of vaccines, and convey the challenge of implementation of halal product guarantee for Pharmaceutical Industry, especially Biology products.

    Rahman explains in general the concept of halal pharmacy is not separated with the concept of how to manufacture a good drug or Good Manufacturer Practice (GMP), both rules in Indonesia through the POM and International rules of the world health agency (WHO). preferably, at the time of the initial process of making vaccines and medicines already accompanied by the Ulema, the need for synergies and halal harmonization in Islamic countries for vaccines and medicines.

    "We invited several scholars to see first hand the production process, to review new products by involving ulema," he said.

    Meanwhile, in the conference also some speakers explained about the experience of halal industry in the healthcare sector such as the speakers from Malaysia, China, Turkey besides of course Indonesia.

    Rahman gave an example of what Bio Farma has done before, namely by actively participating in the International Vaccine Manufacturers Group forum for Islamic countries, Indonesia was selected as Center of Excellence Vaccine for Islamic countries in December 2017. (Even)

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