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    West Java e-ID card Recording Reaches 99.2%; Form is Still Available


    SUMEDANG - Population data recording for electronic ID card in West Java area is now approaching perfect figure that reach 99,2%. The population of 48 million people or the largest in Indonesia, from the achievement of none of the citizens of West Java who has a double NIK, all recorded single NIK.

    The data was obtained from the Directorate General of Population and Civil Affairs of the Ministry of Home Affairs during the launching of the Movement of Population Population Awareness Indonesia (GISA) West Java level in 2018, at the Balairung Building of IPDN Campus Sumedang, Thursday (11/04/2018).

    In response, the Governor of West Java Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) who also inaugurated the declaration of GISA said the development of population in West Java each year continues to be improved.

    "Alhamdulillah West Java province with the most populated population of data has reached 99.2 percent with a single NIK and no NIK double.We continue to move towards the accuracy of population is very good," said Aher.

    According to him, population accuracy is very important because development programs and public services rely heavily on accurate data. Through the launching of this GISA Aher is determined to record data in West Java which live 0.8% more will be entirely achieved. Especially in the near future demographic data is necessary for the development of democracy through Election simultaneously 2018, legislative election and President Election 2019.

    The declaration of GISA which is the instruction of the Minister of Home Affairs, has four programs, namely the awareness program ownership of population documents, data updating program of population data. Then the conscious program of the utilization of population data as one of the data used for all the interests and the conscious program serves the administration of population to a happy society.

    "We will succeed in launching GISA with all its programs," Aher said.

    Director General of Population and Civil Registry of Ministry of Home Affairs Zudan Arif Fakrulloh said that the achievement of e-ID card recording for West Java can not be separated from the role of population service in each region and high public awareness of West Java ownership of e-ID card.

    "Thank you to the Governor of West Java and the Regents of his Mayor and his Department of Population and Civil Registration for the achievements of West Java in the field of population administration.This time the achievement of electronic id card recording has been more than 99 percent, a little bit more finished, and also to the community for their participation," said Zudan.

    "The purpose of development will be easy to achieve because it has accurate data, that's why we have GISA and started by Mr. Minister of Home Affairs dated 8 February 2018," he added.

    He explained that since 2014, population data for public services, such as taxes, banking, SIM making, BPJS, Insurance sourced from Home Affairs Ministry. Likewise with data for development planning, RPJP, RPJM and preparation of Regional Budget Expenditure must use data from Department of Population and Civil Registration.

    Related to the availability of blank e-ID card, Zudan explained that the current e-ID card has been printed 18.9 million pieces and has distributed 9 million copies.

    "In Home Affairs Ministry there are still more than 9 million pieces of blank, so this is enough," he said.

    For data recording, from January to March 2018 an average of 52 thousand people a day recording across Indonesia. Capacity every day can receive recording as much as 327 thousand people.

    "If 52.000 per day with a capacity of 327 thousand is still capable of recording 275 thousand people every day, the problem is that people want to record e-ID card," added Zudan.

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