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    West Java Governor Launched GISA on IPDN Sumedang Campus


    BANDUNG - Located at Jatinangor IPDN Campus, Sumedang District, West Java Provincial Government (Jabar) launched the Movement of Indonesia Conscious Population Administration or GISA. Present in the declaration of the Director General of Population and Civil Registration of the Ministry of Home Affairs Z. Arif Fahrullah and the Governor of West Java Ahmad Heryawan and a number of other officials.

    GISA takes the theme "Through the Movement of Indonesia Conscious Administration of Population We Succeed Election Unison 2018 and Election 2019 in West Java". Symbolically Ahmad Heryawan, Arif Fahrullah, and officials of IPDN and Sumendang Regency opened GISA by beating drums on Wednesday (11/4).

    In his speech, Arif Fahrullah said the ultimate goal of development is for the population, so that accurate population data is needed for the development of the right target and objectives.

    "The development goal will be more quickly achieved if it has accurate data. For that reason since February 8, 2018, Ministry of Home Affairs has launched this GISA activity, "he said.

    According to him, now there has been a paradigm leap in the development of the era of rapid change. Inevitably, we are now at that point. On the other hand demographic bonus is now starting to happen in Indonesia, if it can not be managed properly will not be a bonus but will be a big problem.

    "If this is not scrutinized it will be dangerous. Especially with the many graduates of higher education, of course more and more job seekers. On the other hand the current work has been taken over by a machine or robot, "he said.

    So he said accurate population data will be an important data in preparing development plans both at the center and in the region. Especially when this population data is very important ahead of the elections Serentak 2018 and Pileg and Pilpres 2019.

    West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan in his speech added GISA program is very important because population is always a major problem in planning the development.

    "Population becomes a basic business, impossible to do development if the affairs of residence is not accurate, can be misdirected. So development should be based on population data, "he said. Jo

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