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    Praja Wibawa Operation, Satpol PP Must Do Five Things


    BANDUNG - The prestigious civil service operation of the civil service unit of West Java in 2018 today officially commenced. The operation to improve the atmosphere of conducive and sense of security to the community by the ranks of Satpol PP was opened directly by West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) during the Operation Praja Wibawa troops ceremony in the yard of Gedung Sate Bandung, Tuesday (10/04/2018).

    The Governor disclosed West Java as the most populous population in Indonesia or more than 48 million inhabitants, vulnerable to security disturbances in the community. As of late there is the persecution of religious leaders as well as rampant cases of alcoholic oplosan.

    "This is where the role of Satpol PP is needed, not just the affairs of tranquility, public order and the protection of the community, but to enforce the regulation," Aher said.

    For that Aher stressed the five steps of strategy that must be prepared by the ranks of Satpol PP throughout the West Java region. First, to improve guidance and guidance to the community about the local regulations at the provincial, city and district levels. Second, carry out supervision on potential disturbances Trantibmum and violations of local regulations. Third, prioritize humanist attitudes, persuasive and involve religious leaders, customs or community leaders while on duty. Then the fourth Aher asked all regional units to work together with Satpol PP to support the operation. Fifth, Satpol PP is asked to coordinate with the Police and the TNI in realizing peace and order in the community.

    The move is believed to Aher in line with a judicial and non-judicial repressive approach with bhakti praja operations in February 2018 which put forward a sympathetic persuasive.

    "I believe the ranks of Satpol PP will maintain their identity as friendly, friendly and sensitive to change," Aher said.

    "But on the other hand Satpol PP was also asked to be firm in acting for the upholding of the rules," he added.

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