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    Toward Election, Mass Media Declares Neutral and Independent Press


    BANDUNG - West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher), Chairman of the Press Council Yosep Stanley Adi Prasetyo, media associations and journalists, Bawaslu and media watchers, declared the neutrality and independence of the press in elections 2018 and 2019 election, in West Hall Gedung Sate Bandung, (10/04/2018).

    The Declaration is deemed necessary to recall political tensions ahead of the 2018 regional elections in some areas again. Including in West Java which will hold elections simultaneously in 16 districts / cities and 1 province in June which is feared there will be utilization of the press, tugging the media and even create new media to win politics by injuring the noble value of the press.

    Governor Aher said the press plays an important role in the success of the democracy party. Printed, electronic and online media in addition to conveying information, education, entertainment and social control, is also responsible for overseeing the implementation of elections simultaneously.

    "The media should be the bridge to the democratic rights of the people and their belief in the election organizer," he said.

    Aher asked the media that provides a special rubric of campaign activities of Political Parties or pair candidates fair and balanced. Therefore, the media in organizing this election play an active role and be professional in carrying out its journalistic duties.

    "Press freedom is important as an independent source of information to provide people with the right information," Aher said.

    Aher hopes that the declaration of professional media coverage for the election / election of this quality reinforces the commitment of the media in supporting elections that are honest, fair, democratic, peaceful and dignified especially in West Java and Indonesia.

    "Hopefully in line with the tagline of West Java Election Semarak (spirit, independent, friendly and accessible) and simultaneously election Gembira (Movement to build a dignified and fair democracy)," said Aher.

    The declaration, shared by media journalists and platforms, freelance journalists and contributors, is committed to maintaining the independence of the editorial space, upholding the journalistic code of ethics and bringing about sound journalism for the benefit of society at large. The crew and media leaders are also determined to create a calm atmosphere ahead of elections / elections by delivering the community to choose the best leader according to his conscience. Reaffirm the limitations that strictly distinguish between the news and advertisements, reject the hate statement of resource persons, SARA and reject all forms of hoaxes and negative campaign models.

    Chairman of the press council Yosep Adi Prasetyo welcomed the declaration because it will further enhance the professionalism of journalists. Yosef revealed there are a number of areas in West Java which during the election is used by journalists unscrupulous to make a profit.

    "In some districts in West Java became a hotbed of journalists who" spooky "one of them Cirebon, Kuningan and Bekasi," sebutnya.

    The press council always reminds the various parties such as the local government that during the campaign period does not give "THR" to journalists.

    "We are always reminded during this period especially in the month of Ramadan, the local government not to give" THR "to the journalists, so do not give the benefits because it violates the rules and tarnished the name of journalists, we will also be able to circulate the letter. the reporter is a news quote, "he said.

    At the end of the declaration was held a seminar themed "The Challenge of Media Covering Qualified Election" followed by journalists with a number of resource persons from mass media experts.

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