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    Dompet Dhuafa Will Share Technology Inspiration For Students


    BANDUNG- Dompet Dhuafa will hold an inspiring talk, which is one of the event that presents the characters and practitioners so as to inspire the students especially for the scholarship recipients.

    Manager of Strategic Partnership Dompet Dhuafa Education Aza El-Munadiyan explained that the activities that will take the theme of "Technology and Social Impact" will be held in East Hall ITB on 5 May 2018.

    Event that has entered the 2nd year is intended for students inspired by leaders who have experience even somewhat successful in their respective fields.

    This year takes the theme of "Technology and Social Impact". According to Aza, the technology is able to accelerate development including welfare in the community, especially the improvement of the quality of human resources (HR).

    Aza said in the event will involve speakers from government agencies because as policy holders, especially in the field of technology. One of them, Depok Mayor Muhammad Idris as the recipient of the environmental award.

    While practitioners who will be the speakers in inspiring talk are: CEO X-Village engaged in agriculture, Sani Khadafi, then CeO Five Kilo, Arif Rahman ie starup (new business entrepreneurs micro / small -red) engaged in the field agriculture and livestock and scholarship recipients Dompet Dhuafa Etos, Reza who managed to make research about cancer cells through diet.

    Aza added that Dompet Dhuafa has given several scholarships such as Scholarship of Ethos for underprivileged students and Aktivitis Scholarships for activists and have their own beneficial achievements for the community. For underprivileged students get assistance tuition for 4 years.

    "The average scholarship winners get an allowance of Rp 800,000 per month, in addition to getting coaching and other facilities," he concluded. jo

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