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    Bandung State Civil Apparatus Declared Neutral Stance During Election


    BANDUNG- State Civil Apparatus (ASN) declared a neutral stance in the Election of Regional Head (Pilkada) Bandung and West Java Governor Election 2018. Declaration read and signed at Bandung City Hall Plaza on Monday (09/04/2018).

    Temporary Acting Mayor of Bandung Muhamad Solihin affirmed that ASN engagement has been regulated in law number 5 of 2014, that state civil servants (PNS) should be free from the influence and intervention of all political parties and parties.

    Added Solihin, ASN neutrality rules are also confirmed through the circular Menpan-RB, circular of Governor of West Java and Bandung Mayor number 800 / SE.165-BKPP / 2017 about ASN neutrality and prohibition in using local government facilities in regional head election.

    "I always remind the ranks of ASN Bandung to be careful in the election period, must keep the behavior of speech or action," he said.

    Meanwhile, Chairman of the Election Supervisory Agency (Bawaslu) Bandung Fathatun Fayziyyah said if the ASN committed a violation, then sanskinya quite heavy. For example, the delay in receiving salary or difficult to get an award or promotion.

    "So it should be according to existing rules ASN should be neutral and should not participate in the election event," he said. Added Farhatun, examples of violations such as taking pictures with one candidate pairs.

    The following is the integrity neutrality pact of ASN on the election of governor and deputy governor and mayor and deputy mayor of Bandung Year 2018:

    1. Not providing support to candidates for regional head and or deputy head of region by using facilities related to election campaign activities of governor and vice governor and mayor and deputy mayor.

    2. Not making decisions and or actions that benefit or harm one of the candidate pairs during the campaign period until the end of election of governor and deputy governor and mayor and deputy mayor.

    3. Not conducting activities that lead to the alignment of candidate pairs who are participating in the election, before, during and after the campaign period as stipulated in the provisions of legislation.

    4. Participate actively maintain the neutrality of ASN in Bandung government environment. jo

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