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    Train Connecting Cianjur-Sukabumi Officially Operate Today


    CIANJUR-Transportation Minister Ignatius Jonan, accompanied by West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan, inaugurated the operation of Siliwangi Train as Pilot Transportation connecting Cianjur-Sukabumi, on Friday (19.02.16) at Cianjur Station, West Java.

    Transportation Minister appointed PT. Kereta Api Indonesia (KAI) as the operator. The appointment PT. KAI by Transportation Minister RI is for 8 months commencing from January 1 to August 31, 2016 with a contract value of Rp 9.565.209.498,-.

    The service transport with the distance along the ± 38.6 km with Siliwangi Train put the tariff of Rp 3.000,-. This train has a number facilities of stamformasi four train passenger and one train for consume which are equipped with air conditioning.

    Siliwangi Pioneer  Train able to carry as many as 472 passengers for a single trip. It will serves Cianjur-Sukabumi trip three times a day. It will also going through a number of stations, including Cianjur Station, Cilaku Station, Cibeber Station, Lampegan Station, Cireungas Station, and Gandasoli Station.

    West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan thanked the Transportation Minister and the General Directorate of the railway for the presence of these public transportation services. It helps to improve public accessibility in Cianjur and Sukabumi. With high accessibility, the movement of people and goods become more practice, which also help to boost the economy surrounds area.

    "On behalf of the Provincial Government of West Java, and community in Cianjur and Sukabumi in particular, I thank the Minister of Transportation, General Directorate of railway, as well as the whole staff for these innovation,” the governor said.

    In order to improve railway pioneer infrastructure connecting Cianjur-Sukabumi, the Ministry of Transportation has done a number of works, including replacement the rail sleepers cushioning between Lampegan-Cibeber stations along the ± 21.6 KM, the repairing of the trains road between Lampegan-Cibeber stations, mantling tunnel walls, improved signalling, handling landslide with Concrete Retaining wall, and preventing the trains road due to erosion of the river flow.

    Governor Aher was hoping these public transportation can be a solution to reduce the traffic load. He also hoped Pioneer Siliwangi Train connecting Cianjur-Sukabumi can be a means of transportation that is safe, comfortable, and had good service.

    "Train is our future nation's transportation. Siliwangi itself has a good specific character,” said Aher.

    Meanwhile, Transportation Minister Ignatius Jonan said it will also continue the further activation of the pioneer wagon route of Cianjur-Sukabumi-Bandung-Padalarang. He also targeting the train to be operated next year.

    "I have told to the governor, next there will be route of Sukabumi-Cianjur-Padalarang-Bandung. This is important. This train will have a locomotives CC 206, with more powerful. Hopefully the frequencies could reach four times a day. So that the transportation can be relied upon as a program to improve connectivity,” said Jonan.

    It was also attended by General Director Herman Dwi Atnoko, Managing Director of KA Edi Sukmoro, Second Assistant Secretary of West Java Deny Juanda, Chief Bakorwil I Eddy I M Nasution, Sukabumi Mayor Mohamad Muraz, Cianjur Vice Regent Suranto, as well as expert staff Muspida Cianjur regency.

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