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    Despite Lack of Facilities, Computer-Based National Examination for High School in West Java is 100%


    BANDUNG - The limited facilities still overshadow the implementation of computer-based national examination (UNBK) 2018 level High School or Islamic High School. In West Java, there are still some students who have to take turns using a computer to take the final test.

    Head of Education Office of West Java Province Ahmad Hadadi said the number of computers for Computer-Based National Examination level High School or Islamic High School in the region as much as 124,055. While the number of students who followed it reached 280,489 of 2,700 schools.

    "So on average 1 computer is used by 3 students," he said in Bandung, Monday (9/4). Even so, he is grateful that currently 100% of high school / MA students in West Java can follow Computer-Based National Examination.

    In 2017 yesterday, according to him there are still students who have not computer-based exams. "Last year the Computer-Based National Examination was 84.6%, now Alhamdulillah 100%," he said.

    He believes the implementation of Computer-Based National Examination is able to suppress cheating in the exam. He is optimistic there is no leakage because of the good level of security.

    "With computer-based, leakage rates are almost nonexistent. Central servers with connect school servers," he says.

    In addition, the students were certainly not able to work together because each gets a different matter. "Then we have also made a character education movement to make disciple students, obedient principle," he said.

    Furthermore he said, this Computer-Based National Examination does not specify the graduation of students. Because, according to each school that will determine whether or not passing the students based on academic and nonakademik assessment.

    "Passed by the school, based on the value of achievement, the value of attitude so (Computer-Based National Examination) is more to the national mapping for education system," he said.

    Head of State Senior High School 3 Bandung Yeni Gantini said the number of Computer-Based National Examination participants in school reached 432. Given the limitations of existing computers, it divides the test into 3 sessions.

    Even so, he is optimistic there will be no leakage problem because of the computer security system is good. He explained for the implementation of Computer-Based National Examination on April 9 to 12 this, it has been downloading the problem from the central server since Friday (6/4).

    "The question we received from the central server is accepted by local servers in each school," he said.

    Furthermore, the received problem is immediately locked so it can not be opened. "So it can only be opened in the seconds ahead of the exam," he said.

    In addition, when students download a test question is required passwords will change within 15 minutes. "So after students log in, there will be a token as a password," he said. (Even)

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