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    Aher is Awarded by Home Affairs Minister Astha Brata Utama Utama Pamong Praja


    SUMEDANG REGENCY- Institute of Internal Administration (IPDN) awarded West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) Astha Brata Utama Utama Pamong Praja. This is the highest award in the field of Kepamongprajaan.

    During the two periods of his leadership as Governor of West Java, Aher was considered to have successfully built West Java and fostered the Praja Alumni. Astha Brata Utama Pamong Praja as a form of attention of the President of the Republic of Indonesia to the successful regional leaders in the field of government.

    The award was handed over directly by the Minister of Home Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia Tjahyo Kumolo to Aher, in the awarding ceremony of Astha Brata Utama Pamong in IPDN Campus, Jatinangor, Sumedang Regency, Thursday (5/4/2018).

    The Minister of Home Affairs revealed that Aher's achievement should be imitated by the Praja. Moreover, the Praja is the pioneer cadre of driving the mental revolution. According to Minister of Home Affairs, Aher has been able to carry out almost 100% of his political promises in the campaign.

    "He (Aher) was able to carry out his campaign pledge ten years ago as a governor, and as soon as he is governor, he has at least 100 percent committed his political promises this year," the minister said in his speech.

    "He has also successfully implemented what is a strategic program of the central government, and this is proven by Mr. Ahmad Heryawan," he continued.

    Home Minister added that every leader must have dreams or imagination and ideas. Through it, a leader will have a concept. With these concepts and ideas a leader will have the courage to move.

    That is the basis of Soekarno founded IPDN in Malang and Lemhanas. "A leader must be courageous to move, dare to move to organize the concepts and ideas and ideas," said the Minister of Home Affairs.

    There are five Governors who have been trusted by the community to lead two consecutive periods. Among them are Governor of West Java, East Java, South Sumatera, West Kalimantan, and Central Kalimantan. IPDN Rector Ermaya Suradinata revealed the five Governors received the highest award.

    Ermaya also said the award is a form of attention of the President of the Republic of Indonesia to the head of achieving regions. "Astha Brata Utama Utama Pamong Praja as a form of attention of the President of the Republic of Indonesia as a pamong who has successfully performed the task in West Java and has successfully built Indonesia from West Java," Ermaya added in his speech.

    After the procession, Aher said that he was very grateful and grateful to IPDN for the award. Despite Aher's words, he never worked to earn an award.

    "As I say, I never work for an award, and when I work there are a number of people who pay attention to what I do, so there is attention and judgment, worthy of respect," Aher said.

    Through this award, Aher hopes to motivate him to work better. Wherever and whichever position is carried, or even without a position. "We are still able to excel for donations and for the progress of the nation and the country, I am aware of this sentence because in two and a half months I will end from the post of Governor," he said.

    Aher admitted he did not know what to do after the release of the position of West Java Governor June 13, 2018 later. "What is clear whatever position or status I will get after retiring from the Governor, I will definitely work and work, and work for the progress and glory of this nation," he explained.

    The awarding of Bintang Astha Brata Utama Pamong Praja is a series of activities of the Grand Assembly and National Seminar of the Association of High School Alumni Kepamongprajaan (IKAPTK) in 2018. This event is the culmination of the 62nd Anniversary of IPDN this year.

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