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    Towards Full of Duty, Governor Aher Achieved Adi Paripurna Bhakti


    JAKARTA - West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) received an award for his devotion for ten years as governor. This time, Adi Paripurna Bhakti completes his 265th collection of achievements.

    Adi Paripurna Bhakti is a special award of Sindo Government Award 2018. In a press release received by the public relations team of West Java, Aher is one among the heads of regions who must complete their dedication because it is limited by law. Citing the results of a survey of the Ministry of Home Affairs of Indonesia, Aher actually is a leader of the area that is still desirable people to return to head of the region.

    The Adi Paripurna Bhakti award was given to Aher as one of the region's outstanding achievers. In this event also West Java Provincial Government awarded for Investment Category. In addition to Aher, South Sumatra Governor Alex Noerdin also received the same award from Sindo Weekly magazine.

    Aher received this highest award from MNC Group CEO Hary Tanoesoedibjo in the 2018 Government Award at Pullman Hotel, MH Thamrin Street, Central Jakarta, Thursday (5/4/18).

    "It's more to full-time, because I'm going to end my second term, I'm going to be governor of two periods, Alhamdulillah goes well, there's an achievement we can get," Aher said.

    Episodes to build a region or area is very long. Aher said, there should be the next episodes to bring a happier and prosperous West Java.

    "Of course the task of the governor after me, to the point of more perfect to present an area that is an integral part of the more prosperous NKRI, happier," said Aher.

    According to Aher, Government Award can be an event that can motivate the head of the region to excel. West Java Province has won five consecutive Sindo Weekly Government Award trophies.

    "This time the theme is investment, the province with the greatest investment.It is true even for five years in a row until this year, we in West Java the highest investment.When the investment of foreign capital and domestic capital combined highest," said Aher.

    Government Award 2018 is the annual agenda of Sindo Weekly Magazine held for the fifth time. This is the birthday series of Sindo Weekly Magazine. "This event was born from the sincere intention to promote, as well as to appreciate the success of development conducted by local government," said Editor-in-chief of SINDO Weekly Nevy Hetharia.

    This year Sindo Weekly rewards regional heads, ranging from city, county and province levels to several categories. Starting from the field of education, health, infrastructure, investment, public services, tourism, e-Government, environment, public service, economy, women and children, arts and culture, food security, spatial and settlement, SMEs to religious tolerance category .

    In addition to appreciating the performance of local government, Sindo Weekly this year also appreciate the figures in areas that are considered to have been an inspiration for other regional heads. While the district / city in West Java which won the Government Award 2018, namely Bekasi (Infrastructure Category).

    Since it was first implemented in 2014 until 2017, Sindo Weekly Magazine has attached 158 awards to Governors, Mayors and Regents in the Government Award event. By 2018, 36 awards will be given to local leaders. So the total award of Government Award given until 2018 reached 174 awards.

    Assessment of heads of achievers and inspirational done by Sindo Weekly Editorial team with several parties. Nevy explains the method of assessment begins through the research of various references, then the editorial team determines the three winning nominees for each category.

    Each nominee is required to submit data about the privileges they have in the category specified. "Next, make observations to a number of winning nominees. Observations include face-to-face interviews with academics, communities, and regional heads. The results of the discussions were then discussed with the jury chairman as a reference to determine the winner, "said Nevy.

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