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    Exit Tol Gedebage KM 149 Padaleunyi Soon Opened


    BANDUNG - The connecting road at KM 149 Toll Padalarang-Cileunyi (Padaleunyi) or Exit Tol Gedebage was soon built. This toll access will connect Padaleunyi Toll with Gedebage area, including with the planned development of Bandung Intra Urban Toll Road (BIUTR).

    The groundbreaking event of the connecting road was carried out symbolically through siren button presses by West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan, President Director of Summarecon Adrianto P Adhi, and Executive Director of Summarecon Bandung Hindarko Hasan, in Summarecon area, Gedebage, Bandung, Thursday (5/4).

    The 2.5km-long road construction is carried out on land already cleared by the West Java Provincial Government. Development carried out by Summarecon Bandung or PT Mahkota Permata Perdana with budget Rp 100 billion.

    West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan said the pattern of road development through cooperation between government and private sector has been done twice in West Java.

    "This is a very good cooperation, Summarecon helps the government to build roads, and this is the second in West Java.The land has been liberated by the provincial government, the initial development is already by the central government, living the rest to the connecting road with Gedebage up to 2480 meters," said Aher .

    Aher hopes this development will improve the accessibility of residents in the eastern region of Bandung Raya. Thus, the transportation of people and goods in this region more smoothly. In addition to being access to residential areas, this road will be connected also with the Great Mosque of West Java or Al Jabbar Mosque.

    "We are very grateful with the start of the construction of the Gedebage Exit Tol KM 149 Padaleunyi connect road on this day. Our hope, this infrastructure development will encourage economic growth in West Java, especially the area of East Bandung, "said President Director of Summarecon Adrianto P Adhi in his speech.

    The commencement of the construction of the Gedebage Exit Toll Road KM 149 is a continuation of the Summarecon Bandung Cooperation Agreement with the West Java Provincial Government to build infrastructure in eastern Bandung on January 10, 2018.

    Infrastructure constructed in the form of road, roundabout, and flyover construction of more than 2.5 kilometers, which connects Exit Tol Gedebage KM 149 Padaleunyi with other public road. A number of infrastructure was built by Summarecon Bandung on an area of 48,912 square meters of West Java Provincial Government. (Even)

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