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    Live in Papua, 53 People Join The Peak of Papua Festival


    BANDUNG - A total of 53 people will follow the Peak of Papua Festival in April-June 2018. One of the activities to be held in this festival, the Live in Papua.

    Of the 53 participants, 28 of them are members of Wanadri. While the other 25 are the general public who have backgrounds as teachers, lecturers, journalists, medical personnel, and students. To that end, Wanadri collaborated with Indonesia Mengajar. They are not only from West Java but also from various other regions in Indonesia.

    The departure of the participants and the committee was directly released by West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) at Pakuan Building, Otto Iskandardinata Street No. 1, Bandung, Wednesday morning (4/4/18).

    The mission of this festival is the interaction of nature exploration and education to the local community in Bintang Mountain District, Papua Province. Activities undertaken, namely climbing Yamin Peak, Mandala Peak, Live In, and Cultural Festival.

    One of the most interesting activities is Live In. Participants will stay for three weeks (April 6-26, 2018) with local community of Bintang Mountain. They will interact with nature and society there.

    Managing Director of Indonesia Mengajar Haiva Ratu Muzdaliva revealed that the focus of activities to be conducted is education. Indonesia Mengajar has selected 30 people from 211 applicants for Live In.

    "There will be a program of Live In. Through this program we invite the public, elected 30 people who will stay in seven villages for about one to three weeks," said Haiva.

    In the Live In program, the participants will perform activities in accordance with the background of his profession. Haiva explains like educational workers or teachers will share about motivation and the future to the children there. While the teachers provide teacher training. There are also training activities of village financial management and documentation.

    "Then there is also a working post for public health, such as live pharmacy cultivation, health education, there is also data collection, social anthropology and environmental data collection," said Haiva.

    The goal to be achieved through this activity, namely the long-term impact for the people of Bintang Mountain. "The hope with this festival will help the impact of sustainable education there," said Haiva.

    Other activities that climb the Yamin and Mandala Peak will take place during May-June. The highlight of this series of events is the Cultural Festival which will take place in October in Jakarta and Bandung.

    In the Cultural Festival will be held educational forums and exhibitions. In addition, there are also publications such as film screenings of Live In Papua activities. In other words, Cultural Festival later as a means of publication activities that have taken place in Papua.

    The background of this Papua Festival Peak is to eliminate negative stigma about Papua. Through this activity, it is expected to lift all the positive potentials of Papua.

    "We want to open the information space by way of forming a forum of interaction between the general public and the people of Pegunungan Bintang in Papua," said Dzaki, Chief Executive of the Peak Festival of Papua.

    Dzaki hopes the wider community will participate more in this activity. "Get involved in many ways, can go there or if anyone wants to join the Peak Culture Festival in Bandung and Jakarta," please Dzaki.

    "And my hope is also positive values of this activity can be transmitted to other communities," he concluded.

    Previously, the participants were also given training. Especially the training in the open. Training is done in four stages. The first training in the mountains Ciwidey and Cidadap Village. The second training is in the mountains of Cangkok Subang and Gunung Halimun. The third training is climbing at Citatah Cliff 125, and the fourth training in Argopuro mountains of East Java.

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