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    Traffic Accident, The Seventh Killer Case


    BANDUNG- Based on data from Bloomberg Philanthropies Initiative for Global Road Safety (BIGRS), the number of deaths due to traffic accidents globally since 2014 reached 12.5 million people followed by 50 million people injured in a year. The World Health Organization (WHO) predicts, by 2030, traffic accidents can be the number one killer in the world number 7.

    To reduce the number of accidents, BIGRS in collaboration with City Government (Pemkot) Bandung strengthen the availability of road safety data in order to improve the intervention of planning and evaluation on the highway with 21 managers at the Arya Duta Hotel Bandung, Tuesday (03/04) .

    Head of Health Services Division of Bandung City Health Office Siska Gerfianti said the process of collecting and examining the data is expected to be a clearer reference, the article, IRSMS data (Integrated Road Safety Management System) sourced from the Police assessed can not be used as a reference to provide an appeal.

    "Previously from IRSMS only contain accident and location data, while we need is complete data from medical record, for example what kind of accidents, the wound where, handling how and others," he said.

    Siska said the importance of traffic accident data in order to be used as a reference policy that will be done Bandung City Government before the regulations are made.

    "Suppose in certain locations the number of accidents caused by not wearing helmets, or from the crossing of people who are not orderly, or the use of gadgets while driving, so we can give appropriate handling and appeal," he said.

    Siska worried if we refer to the number of deaths due to traffic accidents is quite high, did not rule out the number of traffic accidents to be the number 7 cause of death in the world.

    "If we do not continue to intervene, this traffic accident could be the number 7 cause of death in the world," said Siska. (Parno)

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