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    West Java is Ready to Establish Public Service Mall


    BANDUNG - Minister of State Apparatus Empowerment and Bureaucratic Reform (Menpan RB) RI Asman Abnur encourages every region in Indonesia to have a public service mall, including West Java. This mall will greatly assist the community in getting various government services in one place.

    "From the marriage certificate to the taxes, everything is right there, and it is also taking care of passports and vehicle registration, it's all there, so it's all integrated," Asman said after attending the Bureaucratic Reform Acceleration through SAKIP Implementation in the West Hall of Gedung Sate on Tuesday (3 / 4).

    In some areas in Indonesia, he said, residents do not need to visit many buildings with different agencies to get various public services. Residents in the area simply came to a building provided by the local government to get various government services.

    Meanwhile, West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan said the establishment of a public service mall in West Java has been planned long ago. During this time, various public services in West Java have been well organized and stay put together in one building if you want to establish a public service mall.

    "We have good public services everywhere, live united in one building, there is no obstacle, tomorrow the day after tomorrow can also be But there must be a building first.No mall, all is good.If so there is a mall public service, should be put together, "he said.

    Governor who is familiarly called Aher said there are a number of options use the asset building of West Java Provincial Government to serve as a mall public service. Can also rent a mall or shopping center that has been operating. Budgeting of new building or leasing can be done next year.

    Previously reported, West Java Provincial Government plans to build an integrated public service mall for the community by integrating all government services in one-stop or one-door system. The location of the mall public service is planned to use the building and land Training Agency SDM Jabar.

    West Java Secretary Iwa Karniwa said the plan of building a public service mall is an extension of the services provided by the Office of Investment and Integrated Services One Door (DPMPTSP) West Java. This is to respond to the public's need for services from governments that are increasingly in need of comfort and efficiency.

    "It will not only be the provincial licensing service, but from the vertical institution we will enter in this public service mall," said Iwa.

    West Java Training Agency Building West Java was selected for service development considering the office DPMPTSP West Java can not be extended again. After the office is used as a service mall, the Office of Human Resources Training Agency West Java will be concentrated in Cipageran Cimahi City.

    Iwa said the design of this mall became one of the tasks of the Ease of Business Task Force formed by West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan. It targets the development process and preparation of the mall layout can be done in 2018, so that 2019 can be completed and used.

    "We also consolidate electronic services to tracking licensing issues that are hampered, permits also delegated to the DPMPTSP head," he said.

    Iwa said in the public service mall later residents and entrepreneurs can come and take care of the licensing and information from start the installation of electricity, the management of IMB, to the needs of the police.

    "The layout is like a mall, people are comfortable and get clear service. Once it comes, people get certainty about time and cost of management, "he said. (Even)

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