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    Avoiding Hoax, Clearing House is Required In The Digital Age


    BANDUNG - The era of digital transformation also influences various changes in the world of communication. The emergence of the onslaught of information that leads to perception often makes people trapped in news slander or "hoaks".

    Responding to that, prof. Dr. (Hc) Dahlan Iskan reveals the current required clearing house in the world of communication. This clearing house will help the community become more mature in reviewing the information, so it can sort out which information is right and which is not.

    "This is a challenge for the world of communication, who will be the clearing house," Dahlan Iskan said as a speaker in the General Lecture of Media Challenge in the Digital Transformation Era held by the Faculty of Communication Science (Fikom) Unpad at the Fikom Unpad Postgraduate Auditorium, Jatinangor, 03/04).
    Dahlan further said the development of the digital world today also influence in the way someone chooses the media information. News sites in the network (online) is now growing. Although demkian, online media will not necessarily "kill" conventional media.

    According to Dahlan, what happens today is the selection of media is individual. Everyone can choose a medium of information that really matches what he is looking for. If formulated, the media is "what it means to me," not to mention "what it means to us".

    "So if there is no meaning to me personally, even if it means something to us, it will be abandoned," he said.

    To increase the passion of newspapers so as not to lose by online news sites, Dahlan expects newspaper reporters to write news by growing the contemplation and imagination of their readers.

    "The good newspaper journalist for the digital age is a well-written newspaper reporter who gives imagination opportunities to his readers, and creates a sense of longing for those writings for the next edition," he said. jo

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