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    West Java Inflation 0.29% in March 2018


    BANDUNG - Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS) of West Java mentions throughout March 2018 Consumer Price Index (CPI) Joint Java West covering 7 cities of Bogor, Sukabumi, Bandung, Cirebon, Bekasi, Depok and Tasikmalaya increased. CPI from 130.41 in February 2018 to 130.79 in March 2018. Thus, West Java experienced inflation of 0.29%.

    This inflation was higher than the national inflation rate, which in March was only 0.20%. Foodstuffs became the largest expenditure group contributing to the inflation rate of 0.10%. Inflation in foodstuffs was triggered by an increase in the price of meat sub-group commodities by 1.99%, preserved fish 0.56%, vegetables 1.21%, beans 0.03%, 0.28% fruit, 9.39% spices, and foodstuffs other 1.25%.

    The deflationary subgroups include rice and tubers of 3.72%, fresh fish 1.02%, eggs and milk 0.14%, and oil and fat 0.04%.

    "The other groups contributing to inflation are transportation, communication and financial services, and education, recreation and sports, with a contribution of 0.06%," said Head of West Java BPS Dody Herlando said on Monday (2/4).

    In both groups of expenditure, commodities that experienced price increases include motorcycle rental rates, gasoline, diesel, rental vehicles, recreation, bicycles, cameras, and photocopy costs.

    BPS also released a city in West Java that contributed to inflation and deflation. Cirebon city experienced deflation of 0.29%. Meanwhile, Bekasi's biggest inflation was 0.66%. Followed by Bandung and Bogor respectively by 0.21% and 0.20%. jo

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