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    Abdul Halim is Proposed Becoming Name of Kertajati Airport


    MAJALENGKA - Abdul Halim became one of the names proposed for naming West Java International Airport (BIJB) in Kertajati Majalengka which in June 2018 will be inaugurated.

    Abdul Halim is a character from Majalengka who has been designated a national hero. West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) during a field review in BIJB, Monday (02/04/2018) said the naming of the airport is not yet agreed upon. However, the name of Abdul Halim according to him suitable when pinned at the largest airport that will be the pride of the people of West Java.

    "In Majalengka there is a national hero named KH Abdul Halim, I think me as Governor of West Java do not mind even agree that this airport in time will be named Abdul Halim Airport, it's good name," said Aher.

    In Indonesia the naming of airports in each region refers to figures in the area. Like Hasanuddin Airport in Makassar, Sultan Iskandar Muda in Aceh, Soekarno-Hatta in Jakarta, Sam Ratulangi in Manado, Husein Sastranegara in Bandung and a number of other names.

    Aher said the hero who became the name of the Airport must have been established by the government to become a national hero.

    "Can national hero from West Java could also national hero of Majalengka origin," he said.

    In addition to the name Abdul Halim, Aher revealed many proposed names submitted to him. But Aher has not decided because it must be agreed with various parties.

    "The name of the airport has not been agreed but many of the proposals from the community we have also met with a team from Ministry of Home Affairs one of the teams came from one of the presidential advisors he said that usually in various places the airport was named with a local hero," said Aher.

    Interrupted by his review to BIJB, Aher who was accompanied by BIJB President Director, representatives from AP2 and a number of Provincial Government of West Java and Majalengka Government admitted relieved. Some of the rooms at the airport terminal are nearing completion. He also checked every corner of the room to the runway to ensure in June the airport is ready for launching.

    "Alhamdulillah overall has reached 92%, 8% more live we will do," he said.

    The plan, the first flight in June will be Hajj flight 2018. Although it does not have embarkation or haj pilgrims around the airport, for a while will use Bekasi Embarkation. However Aher instructed to immediately build the nearest haj hostel with BIJB or maximum in Cirebon.

    "It can be built or use existing buildings, or it could be built in Cirebon, it is close to here at least half an hour," he said.

    Previously, as a marker of operation BIJB, in May 2018 will be done historical flight or historic flight. Governor Aher also plans to attend the flight and landing aircraft.

    "Historical flight I will go up, May later yes," said Aher.

    Meanwhile, BIJB Director Virda Dimas Eka Putra during the review reported readiness of airport facilities and readiness of operations to date. Virda said, access toll to the airport is completed 100%. However, for non toll access, its readiness is now 40%. Virda targets non-toll access along with road, sidewalk and PJU construction completed on May 17, 2018.

    "For access is 100%, but the access of non toll road upadate is now 40% so we will not go through the village road but next to the police station is being built to here, stay the road marker, the sidewalk and the PJU is finished on May 17, he explained.

    For domestic and international terminal building has reached 90%. Similarly, other supporting buildings have been estimated 93%. "So overall we have 92%," said Virda.

    The building's ornament in the terminal area is seen using the carvings of the peacock wing and the ormanen of Cirebonan batik. As for the readiness of operation BIJB party has coordinated with relevant agencies such as customs and immigration.

    "We have coordinated with customs and immigration agencies, some have been prepared the facilities, related also with their offices," said Virda.

    In addition, for the airport's current electricity supply is connected and burns using electricity from PLN. They also have backup power that is high capacity jenset. Even with water facilities, Virda said to have coordinated with PDAM Majalengka and now is connected and flowing.

    "So the water here is supplied by PDAM Majalengka," he said.

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