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    PLN: Electricity Supply During National Computer-Based Exam is Safe


    BANDUNG - PT PLN Distribution West Java to implement standby power supplies in 15 areas of work area to maximize the technical implementation of the National Computer-Based Exam (UNBK).

    National Computer-Based Exam held on 2-5 April 2018 for Vocational School level, high school level on 9-12 April 2018 and for junior level on 23-26 April 2018. According to data collected, in West Java area this year there are 5,368 High School / Vocational School and 3,486 junior high schools that will carry out National Computer-Based Exam.

    In the idle period, PLN will not undertake work / maintenance that may disrupt the supply of electricity to schools that will carry out National Computer-Based Exam, unless there is repair work due to disturbance and emergency conditions, ie a condition where no network repair will endanger the safety of customers .

    PLN Distribution West Java continues to coordinate with the school and local Education Department about the readiness of electricity supply and back up the electricity supply in case of unexpected conditions. To ensure the smoothness of the electricity supply, PLN gives special attention to the repeaters and transformer substations that supply suppliers National Computer-Based Exam school.

    "In addition, intensive network maintenance is also carried out before the implementation of National Computer-Based Exam, until the holding of the Troops and Technical Service Equipment," said Deputy Communication Manager of PLN West Java Distribution Iwan Ridwan, Monday (2/4).

    During the implementation of PLN National Computer-Based Exam officers will stand by in the points of maneuvering and standby maintain supply reliability. The power supply capacity of West Java during the National Computer-Based Exam period is 9800 MW.

    Although the readiness of the electricity supply has been felt safe, PLN still appeal to the UNBK organizing schools to help prepare the back up of electricity supply when the emergency condition occurs either by preparing the backup genset and the Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) so that the National Computer-Based Exam implementation technique is not disturbed. Jo

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