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    Yohana: Violence In Children, People Do not Stay Silent


    BANDUNG- The case of abusing baby (15 months) named Calista by his biological mother in Karawang, invite the pity from various parties. Instead of getting good parenting and affection, the baby was repeatedly physically abused by his mother. At its peak, Calista's baby had to die after an 11-day coma due to a violent collision in the head that caused the bleeding.

    "I am sad at the same time regretted the incident. A mother who should provide protection to her child, instead of violence that led to death. Economic crush should not be the cause of free parents and have the heart to abuse children. Do not ignore our frustration to the children, "said Minister of Women Empowerment and Child Protection (PPPA) Yohana Yembise, Wednesday (28/3/2018)

    Minister Yohana also appreciated the steps taken by the Police in solving the case, as well as P2TP2A (Integrated Service Center for Women and Children Empowerment) of Karawang Regency which has made efforts to assist the perpetrators.

    According to Yohana, law enforcement should still be done by referring to Law Number 35 Year 2014 on the Amendment of Law Number 23 Year 2002 on Child Protection, in order to create a deterrent effect for both the perpetrator and the community so as not to imitate the act of the perpetrator.

    In addition to law enforcement, prevention efforts are also important so that similar incidents do not happen again. The strengthening of the family through the establishment of Family Consultation Center is considered very important in the current situation, where people are easily ignited emotions and depression so venting to the nearest person including children.

    The Ministry of Women Empowerment and Child Protection (Kemen PPPA) has established PUSPAGA (Family Learning Centers) in various regions, I hope that local governments can support this step as a preventive effort to prevent violence against children and women.

    "In addition," said Yohana, "The community also plays an important role in preventing child abuse, and the community should be sensitive to the situation and conditions in its territory, in order to improve the Integrated Community Based Child Protection (PATBM) all villages / urban village as a strategic step to prevent the occurrence of violence against children. "

    "Protecting the future of children is an obligation of all parties, both central government, regional and community. Cooperation is needed in creating a safe environment for the growth of children to be free from all forms of violence, "he concluded. Jo

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