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    PDAM Tirtawening Prepares 15,000 Water Connections to New Houses


    BANDUNG - Tirtawening PDAM Bandung city will prepare 15 000 new house water connection. The provision of the house connection (SR) is a grant aid from the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR).

    Director of Sonny Salimi said this grant is for the third time received by the City Government of (Pemkot) Bandung. Previously, in 2016 PDAM Tirtawening Bandung proposed 1,000 new water connection with realization of 700 new water connection. Then in 2017 PDAM proposes 5,600 new water connection with realization of 5,221 new water connection or about 75 percent and by the year 2018 Tirtawening PDAM Kota Bandung proposes as many as 15,000 new water connection.

    "We are optimistic that we are ready to run this grant program, because we already have 3 times experience, this is our 3rd year following the grant from Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing," he told reporters in Bandung on Wednesday (28/3/2018).

    Sonny mentions of the 15,000 new water connection target of about 11,000 new water connection is ready. Mechanism of development by maximizing existing human resources (HR) that includes all the resources that owned by PDAM Tirtawening Bandung.

    "Now from 15 thousand to be prepared, 11 thousand networks are ready, our mechanism empowers all human resources and all the tools we have, meaning that we are servants of citizens, if we want to improve our welfare, we have to add many customers, that's the formula!" Sonny said.

    He mentioned the installation of 15,000 home connections not only limited in areas prone to clean water but will be spread to all residents of MBR throughout the city of Bandung. Included in some areas are considered surplus water such as Pamoyanan which can be added to the number of customers in order to avoid leakage.

    "So in the entire city of Bandung, which is clear in the North, South, East," he concluded. (Even)

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