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    Aher: West Java Kadin Must be “Mabrur"


    BANDUNG-In the inauguration ceremony of West Java Kadin Tower at Jl. Sukabumi, Bandung, West Java Governor appealed to the board and members of the Chamber of Commerce (Kadin) West Java Province to become a ‘Mabrur’ entrepreneurs.

    This is expressed by West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan to encourage entrepreneurs succeed in their businesses and also to make others go forward.

    "If during this time, the term of ‘mabrur' is used only for people who get hajj, then Rosullulloh said that ‘mabarur' also be applied to employers. I hope the entrepreneurs in West Java especially those belonging to the Chamber of Commerce will become an ‘Mabrur’ entrepreneur,” said Aher, Thursday (18/2).

    According to Ahmad Heryawan, ‘mabrur' employers can be measured from the success of their business and also to transmit its success to others.

    "One of the characteristics is the successful businessman in the field of business, and also managed the prosperity to other people, both employees and other community,” he said.

    On that occasion, Ahmad Heryawan as governor received an award from the Chamber of Commerce as a donator of Kadin Tower construction.

    Attending the event, Chairman of Kadin Centre Roesan P. Roeslani and other Kadin leaders.


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