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    West Java Coffee is Going International Coffee; Swedish is Potential Market


    MALMO - On a working trip to Sweden, West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) responded positively to the exhibition and business opportunities of West Java Coffee in Sweden. This was disclosed after receiving information from Ambassador LBBP RI to Sweden Bagas Hapsoro on 'The Color of Indonesia May 14, 2018' held Embassy in Sweden, in Stockholm, Sweden, Monday (26/3/2018) local time.

    Indonesia Coffee, especially West Java Coffee, will be promoted in this event. A very good opportunity, given the Swedes who love coffee, even revealed the average of them drink 8 to 10 cups of coffee per day.

    West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) welcomed the plan, even calling it a good opportunity to build cooperation between West Java and Skane Region.

    Moreover, in addition to coffee promotion event, here (Sweden) will be held event promotion of Indonesian cultural arts, tourism and trade that introduce Indonesia to the Swedish public.

    In relation to coffee, in West Java many coffee craftsmen are already familiar with big events. "They (West Java coffee craftsmen) can come, and we will send experts certified West Java coffee craftsmen(certificate issued by the United States) at the event May 14, 2018 later," he explained.

    Coffee Craftsmen will be imported later, said Aher, also the whole coffee hats as well as having direct access with coffee garden owners, even they have a coffee garden.

    That way, coffee lovers in Sweden will get an explanation of the overall Coffee of West Java.

    "In West Java the coffee is warm, because in addition to being able to bring economic benefits, on the other hand is useful for the conservation of the environment, the economy is there, the environment is good," explained Aher.

    Ambassador LBBP RI for Sweden Bagas Hapsoro added 'The Color of Indonesia May 14, 2018' in Stockholm, Sweden coincides with FIKA (tradition of drinking coffee in Sweden).

    "Next month we will continue to enliven here Last year had done and got positive feedback from them," said Bagas.

    According to him this is a very good event to attract potential tourists from Sweden for a vacation to Indonesia. "Their pension is big enough and this is a potential for Indonesia, especially they tend to like exotic places, coral reefs and clean to enjoy the holiday in retirement, the problem must be equipped with wifi and internet-connected facilities," said Bagas.

    Bagas asserts ready to organize a trip to Indonesia bringing tourists from Sweden. Especially at this time the interest of Swedish tourists on holiday to Indonesia increased.

    Meanwhile, First Secretary for Economic Affairs of the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia Rahmawati Wulandari mention, it has met coffee association in Sweden to move its members to support the May 14 event.

    "They are coffee drinkers (even 8 glasses per day) .We want to promote and open the knowledge of the Swedish people about Coffee Indonesia, especially the Coffee of West Java," said Rahma.

    According to him, the original Indonesian Coffee brand should be introduced. Through the event, it hopes Indonesia Coffee, including Coffee from West Java can be known in Sweden.

    "The coffee lovers here (Sweden) want to know and interact directly with the coffee planters before they want to enjoy it.We will try to get them to come and see the coffee plantation in West Java, even knowing the process started in the garden until the coffee can be drunk , "he explained.

    It is important to attract Swedish coffee lovers, especially they must know first to then 'buy' coffee.

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