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    ITB Explores Campus-Industry Cooperation to PT Pindad Bandung


    BANDUNG - A total of 15 Professors from various disciplines at the Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) visited PT. Pindad in Bandung, Monday (26/03). The visit was initiated by prof. Tutuka Ariadji, Chairman of Professor Forum (FGB) ITB.

    "Pindad is actually an asset in Bandung, but not much is known that it is the work of the nation's children to be proud of. This is our first visit to the industry, "said Tutuka while leading the group to Pindad.

    Vice President Quality Assurance and K3LH Isrady Sofiansyah welcomed the ITB Professors at the Pindad Directorate Building. Isrady represents the five PT Pindad Directors who are unable to attend. Isrady hopes the coming of the ITB Professors, opening discussions and inputs for future industrial development. He also did not deny the need for close cooperation between industry and universities.

    "Cooperation with the campus I think is very necessary, so the development of technology in accordance with the sciences, which of course very much related, as well as (science) in ITB," said Isrady.

    Before embarking on a tour of several production sites, the entourage is provided with knowledge about safety and safety while in the corporate environment. A video also briefly aired to know the history of the founding of PT. Pindad.

    Known in the period before the independence of Indonesia, Pindad named Artillerie Constructie Winkel (ACW), or in Indonesian language referred to as an artillery construction factory. The factory located in Surabaya City is a workshop owned by Dutch East Indies armaments.

    After the first world war, ACW occupied a 'new home' in Bandung, which later developed into a military industry. Then in 1950, the factory was taken over by the Indonesian National Army until the end of April 29, 1983 changed the status of a State Owned Enterprise and named PT. Pindad.

    The fifteen Professors of ITB are Prof.Dr.Ir. Mardjono Siswosuwarno, from Materials Science and Engineering, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Dirgantara (FTMD), who is also one of the expert staff at PT. Pindad, then Prof.Ir. Iwan Sudradjat, from History, Theory and Criticism of Architecture, School of Architecture, Planning and Policy Development (SAPPK), Prof. Dr. M. Salman, from Mathematics Kombinatoria, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (FMIPA), Prof. Pantur Silaban, the first Professor of Physics in Indonesia to study relativity and quantum theory, then, Prof.Dr.Eng. Pradono, from the Expert Systems and Modeling Group of Economics SAPPK, Prof. R. K Sembiring, Professor of Mathematics FMIPA ITB, Prof. Ridwan Suhud, Professor of ITB in Civil and Environmental Engineering, Prof. Roos Akbar from SAPPK, Prof. Tjia May On, Professor of Physics ITB, Prof. Tubagus Ahmad Fauzi, from the FTMD Energy Conversion Expert Group, Prof. Prijatna Koesoemadinata, Prof. Haryo Winarso, and Prof. Sri Hardjoko.

    After seeing various weapons and ammunition products, the ITB Professors were also given the opportunity to try the long-barreled rifle made by PT. Pindad. Everyone who participated in the entourage equipped with a special helmet and earmuffs. When requested impressions and messages during a visit to PT. Pindad, some people claiming similar activities need to be encouraged to bring industry closer to universities.

    Prof. Ismunandar who also tested the rifle, said that PT Pindad looks much has the potential and the future needed further government support.

    "There is a lot of potential PT Pindad, but it needs support from the government for Pindad and its supporting industries, or the term is alignment, because as the material is mostly imported and the results need to be absorbed by the local market and helped to market out," said Ismunandar. Jo

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