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    General Election Commision Targets 75 Percent of Electoral Voters in West Java


    BANDUNG, - Election Commission (KPU) West Java Province is targeting the number of voters in West Java elections 2018 as much as 75 percent.

    West Java General Election Commision Commissioner for Community Participation and Human Resources Nina Yuningsih said there was an increase of up to 20 percent of newly elected voters from total voters while 31.7 million.

    "With the composition of the great beginner voters, it is our responsibility to seek to exercise their right to vote," he told reporters in Bandung on Friday (23/3)

    Nina mentioned the Temporary Voter List (DPS) stipulated by West Java General Election Commision tonight must be responded and corrected by voters. Moreover, unregistered voters need to register immediately for their rights to be used. He asserted that voters should exercise their suffrage properly.

    "But first make sure his name is listed on the voters list," said Nina.

    With regard to the campaign period, Nina reminded the voters to look at the background, vision, mission and program of candidates. "Choose the best leader among all the candidates, if it is considered all the less good then choose the least assessed the lack," added Nina

    He also appealed to voters to stay away from money politics, namely giving money, goods, and services to influence voters. "Imagine, the voters only enjoy 50 or 100 thousand to buy meatballs, while the giver, who if won will enjoy his position for 5 years, if the officers are not known, if caught, the giver and the recipient are both punished," he concluded. (Even)

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