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    26th World Water Day: West Java is Keeping Water Quality and Quantity


    BEKASI REGENCY - Commemorating World Water Day that falls every March 22, West Java Provincial Government is committed to continue to maintain and maintain water both quantity and quality.

    "We commemorate the world water day is not only ceremonies but it is our commitment to maintain the water better both quantity and quality," said West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) after the 26th world water day commemorating West Java Province centered in Abidin Lake area , Karangmulya Village Bojongmangu District, Bekasi Regency, Thursday (22/03).

    Aher tells normal water in quantity, from upstream river, middle to downstream of relatively equitable water discharge. To order the quantity regularly must be done in various places, especially in the upstream and along the River Flow (DAS) throughout the river in West Java.

    "In order for the quantity to be regular, we have to do greening in various places, especially in the upstream areas and along the river basin, only that the key word for water to return to normal," he said.

    Aher said, "the flow of water that flows from January to December flows normally, if at any one time there is a high water discharge it will not be dangerous if it is controlled by dense forest and human behavior that does not throw garbage into the river. where reduced water flow will not cause drought as water supply from upstream continues to flow. "

    "I said that the water should flow normally from January to December if then in a few months there is a high water discharge that looks high but it will not be dangerous because it is controlled by dense forest everywhere.If in the dry season there is reduced discharge but not causing drought as water supply from upstream continues to flow, "he explained.

    "Secondly," Aher continued, "West Java provincial government and the community must continue to commit to maintaining the value or quality of water, such as not polluting water, ponds, and not dumping garbage, factory waste, household waste and livestock along the river".

    "We have to commit ourselves to maintaining the value of water, and the river border is also prohibited to build anything if there is not to throw anything away and the house must face the river do not turn back," he said.

    Because according to him, if the house is built by facing the river then the river will become the park. Conversely, when the back then the river will be a place of exile.

    "In this way and committed to maintaining water discharge in quantity and quality then God willing we will still have clean water for our lives," he said.

    Step West Java provincial government has been continuing to do reforestation in the river upstream, mend cekdam with the Ministry of PUPera, maintaining the embungs, maintain the watershed and normalize the river.

    "Of course we need to work together simultaneously, and now we are grateful that there is a Presidential Regulation concerning citarum control, with this Perpres originally working together but not cooperating, now together working and cooperating, Insha Allah will be integrated from center to region , hopefully the future with this control will be fragrant citarum and clear water again, "he said.

    In the commemoration of the world water day with the theme "Nature for Water", the Governor of Aher had the opportunity to spread 500 thousand seeds of fish in Situ Abidin and planting 500 trees. In the commemorating event has also been selected 8 West Java water ambassadors.

    According to the Vice Regent of Bekasi Eka Supriatmadja, the 26th World Water Day commemoration is very precisely held in Abidin Lake because this area other than as a place to collect water and groundwater conservation also functions for flood control and also proclaimed to be one tourist destination in Bekasi .

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