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    Aher Urges Community Not Tempted the PNS Recruitment


    BANDUNG-West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) urged West Java community to not easily tempted the lure of civil servants (PNS) recruitment.

    People were encouraged to not easy believe to the parties claimed able to be make honorary worker become a civil servant by giving a specific amount of money.

    In fact, he said people should also be aware of the recent recruitment information that comes from a number of portals because it was not a valid source information from the central government.

    "I hope the community not easily tempted. Therefore, the recruitment of civil servants is not arbitrary and its procedures was so tight. Moreover, it no need to pay, so we can say it as a fraud,” he said in Bandung on Thursday (18/02/16).

    The strictness procedures in the West Java provincial government seen in the appointment of honorary, which limits the working period and other requirements set selectively.

    Aher exemplified the honorary recruitment process in a number of offices, which had a lot of candidates then left some candidates when the responsibility is delegated to the head of department.

    "When I change the mechanism where the main responsible of data validity honorer was delegated into the head of department, then the submitted data become more valid," he said.

    West Java Governor revealed honorary engineer requirements can still be met, then he and his staff will strict in selecting to create equality and justice for all parties.

    "Do not shifting responsibility. We modify the system into validity and reliable data on the head of department," he said.

    The same statement was emphasised related to the recruitment of civil servants from the general society. The reception is currently not as much as before, with a quota of PNS was relatively limited compared to the previous.

    With that limitation, it is not easy to trust the parties that promises to provide quota PNS easily, especially if you have to pay first.

    "Ensure that the general society gets official information from the formal sources, such as pages of ministries or local governments and not from the informal information which is difficult to justify," he concluded.


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