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    URC Bandung City is Quick Response to Overcome Flood


    BANDUNG, - Due to rain with high intensity, heavy flow occurred at some point in Bandung, Tuesday afternoon (20/3). Public Works Agency (DPU) Bandung noted, 8 points of major concern. The points are Cicaheum, Cikadut (Jalan A.H. Nasution), Purwakarta Antapani Street, Polo Air Street Arcamanik, Terusan Jakarta Street, Rumah Sakit Road, Hospital Canal Road and Gedebage Soekarno-Hatta Crossroad.

    Head of DPU Bandung Arief Prasetya explained, the flow of water is thought to come from the Cileuweung River and Cipamokolan River that can not accommodate the discharge of water that is too large. The flow of water coming from the area of North Bandung was washed away various materials.

    "Portable pumps have been deployed to complete a puddle at Gedebage intersection and Hospital Road so that traffic is not disturbed," said Arief.

    Earlier, Tuesday (20/3/2018) at around 17:30 pm, there are puddles have receded and leaving mud that washed away the current. Arief stated that the puddle only occurred for one and a half hours, ie between 16.00-17.30. The Quick Reaction Unit (URC) has also intervened to clean up the mud inundated. The URC officers have also been on the alert for the river to ensure the condition of the embankment.

    "The URC team is on standby to navigate to the two rivers to find out which point there is damage to the embankment or TPT (Grounding Wall). There is no information TPT or dikes are broken because the water is still heavy, "he added.

    Meanwhile, the Head of Fire and Disaster Management Agency (Diskar PB) Bandung City Ferdy Ligaswara claimed to have suspected the flow of such a heavy water will occur. Because the water sent from the north is due to lack of water absorption in the upstream area due to lack of development control.

    "Imagine that the cliff edge is built, so water absorption can no longer be protected. The water goes straight into the river and times so that its floods carry mud. Many embankments are broken, "said Ferdy.

    Therefore, Ferdy is hoping that conservation in the northern region of Bandung can be done in an integrated region. "Once again I reminded stop the construction of North Bandung, which does not follow according to the rules," he concluded. (Even)

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