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    Unpad Starts Applying ERP System for Financial Transactions


    BANDUNG - Padjadjaran University started implementing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software system in every business activity undertaken. Implementation of ERP becomes Unpad effort in integrating digital technology into institutional activity to improve the speed of management, transparency, to accountability.

    Unpad Rector Prof. Tri Hanggono Achmad said the implementation of ERP in business is a follow up of E-office system that has been introduced in Unpad environment since 2016. This system is the efficiency of office administration activities and reduce the use of paper for correspondence.

    "The power of transformation (college) will work if we can build a strong substance in the academic field. In order to focus there, the support system must run well, "said the rector through a press release on Tuesday (21/3).

    The Rector added the anticipation of the increasing challenge of the 4th global industrial carving era, the application of digital technology is considered necessary. This implementation is expected to fill all academic and institutional activities within Unpad.

    The existing E-office system is an integration between the ERP system and the Oracle Application as an international standard application. For systems on business activities is to integrate the ERP system into the banking payment service. The service known as Host to Host Payment System was developed with the support of Bank Nasional Indonesia (BNI).

    At the university management level, the ERP system ensures the management of financial planning, the availability of logistics, financial management, to the management of human resources. Rector assess, the utilization of technology in office activities will result in more accurate performance.

    "On the one hand, we can great efficiency and reduce server provision," said the rector.

    Director of Planning and Information Systems Unpad Mutakin, Apt., PhD., Said that the utilization of ERP will make Unpad's business processes recorded automatically, transparently and efficiently. Control over the course of a business process can be done at any time.

    The ERP system will integrate multiple internal financing requests, such as honorarium, consumption, official travel, cooperation, logistics procurement, maintenance, to certain cash (petty cash) funds. Furthermore, the system will manage the vendor procurement process, until the verification process of payment and transfer. Jo

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