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    Banking Provides Public Lecture of Information Technology Development in the Digital Age


    BANDUNG, - Vice President Director of BCA Armand Wahyudi Hartono presented to share experiences to about 600 students of Padjadjaran University about the development of Indonesian information technology in the Digital Age on how technology can facilitate almost all the fulfillment of the needs of people in various fields, such as transportation, culinary, shopping, goods, to banking transactions.

    For this reason, BCA always strives to keep pace with technological developments that are aligned with the evolving needs of our customers. As BCA offers a variety of precise solutions through digital applications, Virtual Assistant Chat Banking (VIRA), Application Program Interface (API), e-Branch and so on.

    "The development of technology and the development of the needs of customers may be said to have a straight comparison.When there is new technology, certainly the needs of the community also adjust.If an institution does not move to follow the development, it is quite difficult to win the competition," said Armand told reporters at Unpad Campus Bandung , Monday (19/3)

    Armand said that every year, the development of information technology has changed, both from the user side and the initiator of technological innovation. On the other hand, the Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS) stated that the value of information and communication technology development index (IP-ICT) in Indonesia is still under other countries in Southeast Asia.

    The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) notes that in 2016, Indonesia was ranked 111 out of 176 countries with index of 4.34.

    "Therefore, every party, especially the young generation of Indonesia must be technologically literate to be ready to face the digital era is increasingly swift with the latest innovations," said Armand

    Meanwhile, on the same occasion, BCA also signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Unpad related to the cooperation on the provision of assistance in the field of Education, Research, Community Service and Human Resource Quality Improvement. The signing was done by Vice President Director of BCA Armand Wahyudi Hartono and Rector of Padjadjaran University (UNPAD) Tri Hanggono Achmad.

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