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    BCA Shares Key Secrets of Business Success


    BANDUNG, - Vice President Director of BCA Armand Wahyudi Hartono gave a public lecture for hundreds of ITHB Bandung students, with the theme "The Development of Information Technology in the Financial Technology Era". At the event, Arman shared the secret of BCA lasting for 61 years. He mentioned one of the keys to success in this banking cultivation is because it can survive in a crisis situation. "BCA ensures the platform always makes customers comfortable in transaction experience," said Arman told reporters in Bandung, Monday (19/3/2018).

    He also gave a tangible example of where the current fast-growing digital rulers such as Amazon and Netflix, who had earlier started businesses with various objections.

    "So do not ever be afraid to be rejected, our job just keep maximizing the effort so that our product can be accepted by society," said Arman.

    Armed with the principle of continuous learning, BCA continues to embrace its large family always growing and regenerating in crisis. Including some alumni ITHB has become part of the BCA family, even elected as the best in its part.

    "The key we want to regenerate in times of crisis," said Arman.

    The Rector of Technology Intitut Harapan Bangsa (ITHB) Bandung Drs Samuel Tarigan MBA admitted BCA has provided business inspiration for ITHB campus world including among students. Especially when faced with failure in running the business is done.

    "It's inspiring in business especially to rise from failure and dare to try new things.This is what we need in doing business," Samuel said.

    He assessed if running or repeating the routine that has been done then certainly will be left behind in running the business. For that, it needs an innovation in responding to all the challenges of change that exist today.

    With the public lecture, Arman admitted to get new inspiration not only limited to students but among ITHB Bandung management.

    "I think Pak Arman is not just giving advice but a concrete example.In BCA itself many things dare to try a new thing even though it feels heavy because it has to change several generations because the old people in the company is not easy to follow a new thing," said Samuel.

    Samuel added the new innovation is not only applied in the banking world can even be implemented in the world of campus including in the environment ITHB Bandung. He pointed out that teaching and learning activities are not limited to one-way communication but must be more aggressive in changing that way. The reason, in this digital age easier for students to get knowledge such as on Youtube, camp academy and some other educational providers facilities based on the internet.

    "Students usually learn faster about more recent things with online media than one-way communication," Samuel said.

    "In the future," Samuel continued, "In the era of increasingly intelligent digital including the financial world with the existence of Finantial Technology (Fintech) which was originally done manually but now has been using the computer, ITHB in order to continue to prepare human resources (HR) capable of mastering technology the ".

    "Of course the automation skill is still indispensable, we have prepared human resources that can answer the challenge," he concluded.

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