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    Aher Welcomes The Railways Reactivation in West Java



    BANDUNG-West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) welcomed the plan for the reactivation and development a number of train routes in its territory by the Transportation Ministry.

    The Transportation Minister invited a numbers of governors in Indonesia last weekend, in presenting a number of the work plan by the ministry.

    "The development plan of land, air, and sea was presented. And the interesting things for us is the mass transportation development, such as rail reactivation at many points in West Java this year," he said in Bandung on Tuesday (02/16/2016).

    The point reactivation is in the railway of Rancaekek-Tanjungsari (stage 1) with a budget of Rp 29.511 billion and subsidy pilot program of Cianjur-Sukabumi-Padalarang amounts of Rp 9.68 billion.

    While the construction of Kiaracondong-Bandung station is amounts of Rp 56.23 billion and the construction of train roads and bridges in Cicalengka-Padalarang is Rp 317.44 billion.

    The next development is the bridge between Cikampek-Tanjungrasa amounts Rp 78.1 billion and the construction of railways facilities of Cikarang-Bekasi amounts Rp 1.013 trillion.

    Furthermore, the construction of underpasses at Tambun Stations, Bekasi amounts of Rp 65.5 billion, and the land acquisition which supporting the construction of underpasses Citayam, Bojong Gede, and the Western Cape amounts of Rp 9.38 billion.

    "Mass transportation is a necessity, especially for West Java as the largest province in Indonesia. We welcome the work plan of the Transportation Minister that allocate budget in mass transportation," he said.

    Aher also said that another development plan is the construction of Kertajati Airport in Majalengka which amounts of Rp 250 billion, which is focused in the land sector development. The remains budget of Rp 2.1 trillion will be allocated from the state budget changes.

    Terrestrial infrastructure development was also dominates, such as the construction of Terminal Jatijajar, Depok which amounts of Rp 8 billion, procurement of equipment installation of 12 national roads amounting to Rp 29.26 billion and Surade-Sagaranten as pioneering bus subsidies which amounts of Rp 1.88 billion.

    In terms of marine transportation is the facilities development in Pangandaran Sea Rp 20 billion. All of this development plan will be conducted by the central government with the support assistance from West Java Province.

    "We'll help the whole central program because it is able to interlink West Java in all sectors, both in land, sea, or air in order to increase the people's mobility," he concluded.






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