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    West Java Police and Community Leaders Declared Anti-Hoax


    BANDUNG-West Java Police along with all elements of the community of West Java declared Anti Hoax on coffee morning kamtibmas event held in the Muryono Hall West Java Police Headquarter, Tuesday (13/3).

    This activity aims to build relationships, build partnerships and improve synergies, as well as a means of sharing information that if very useful associated with the situation kamtibmas in West Java.

    The event was attended by Pangdam III Siliwangi, Head of KPUD Jabar, Head of Bawaslu Jabar, Chairman of MUI West Java, Main Police Officer Jabar, Kapolrestabes Bandung And Police Chief / Ta Jajaran Polda Jabar, Chairman of FUUI Jabar, Chairman of FKUB Jabar, .

    West Java Police Chief, Inspector General of Police Drs Agung Budi Maryoto convey, the existence of religious leaders have influence, respected and respected in the community as a role model. This is because they are able to provide views / solutions and solutions, and able to glue or reconcile relations among peoples through messages kamtibmas easy to receive and perceived by the community by using a religious socio-cultural approach that touches a religious conscience nuance.

    In addition, religious leaders have a very important and noble duty in spreading and inviting good and prevent or eliminate negative things in society. As in the Arabic phrases we often hear, amar ma'ruf nahi munkar. So is the role of the media in delivering the news or information yag right to the community so that a peaceful and conducive situation exists.

    "Including myself with Commander III / siliwangi as the state apparatus also has the same obligation in maintaining kamtibmas," said West Java Police Chief.

    The complexity of the task challenge faced by the Police is now inseparable from the two major phenomena occurring in human life, namely democratization and globalization. The democratization that has swept the world has provided a wider space for everyone to be actively involved in the life of the nation and the state. This reality has an impact on the existence of the political rights of freedom of expression and the demand for human rights and law supremacy. At the same time globalization has also made the world unlimited and produces major changes in all aspects of human life.

    In the security aspect both phenomena have raised some negative implications in society. Like the emergence of a new dimension of crime, the value of primodial values ??that background ethnic or religious and negative use of social media and online media for the spread of hate speech or hoax that disturbs the public. jo

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