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    March 16th, West Java General Election Commissions Establishes Temporary Voter List


    BANDUNG, -The Provisional Voter List (DPS) for West Java Governor is set for March 16th. Prior to the determination, the General Election Commissions should conduct an evaluation, primarily to fix some things that are deemed to be lacking.

    This was stated by the Chairman of West Java General Election Commissions Yayat Hidayat at the Workshop on Preparation of Voters List (DPS) with Regency / City General Election Commissions in West Java at the Implementation of the Governor of West Java 2018, at Hotel Luxton Ir. H. Juanda West Java Bandung, Tuesday (13/3/2018)

    According to Yayat, evaluation is needed to identify problems encountered and anticipate new problems.

    "In the context of DPS, it is important that officers recognize the problem and there is a commitment to improve," he said.

    Yayat also hopes the workshop forum will contribute to the dynamics of DPT determination. "InshaAllah for
    picking up the success of DPS's determination for the next few days, "he said

    Meanwhile, Commissioner of West Java General Election Commissions Division of Planning and Data, Ferdhiman P. Bariguna confirmed there are two constraints DPS arrangement, ie not all voters have e-ID card and not all of them do the recording.

    "Hopefully the DPS is set more than 25 million, which means the system works perfectly sidalih," he concluded

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