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    Ruddy Gandakusumah Leads the City of Bekasi


    BANDUNG-R Ruddy Gandakusumah inaugurated as Acting Mayor of Bekasi, by West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan or Aher, in West Hall Gedung Sate Bandung, Tuesday (13/3/2018).

    The inauguration of R Ruddy Gandakusumah who previously served as the Head of West Java Province Kesbangpol is done because the position of Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Bekasi Term of Office 2013-2018 ends on March 10, 2018.

    Therefore, in accordance with Article 201 Paragraph (10) of Law Number 10 Year 2016, that in order to fill the vacancy of the position of the Regent / Mayor, the appointed Regent / Mayor shall be appointed from the Primary Leadership Office up to the inauguration of the Regent and Mayor definitively in accordance with the provisions of the Regulation legislation.

    "Alhamdulillah, was inaugurated or inaugurated by the Acting Mayor of Bekasi Ruddy Gandakusumah and the Regent of Purwakarta, Taufiq Budi S. They will perform the task of mayor and regent in accordance with legislation," said Aher.

    According to him, the duties, principals and functions (tupoksi) of the two officials are the same as the regents and mayors' tupoksi. "However, because this is an official, there are things that are prohibited such as employee mutations, signing local regulations and other matters, but there are exceptions that are given permission from the Minister of Home Affairs," he said.

    Meanwhile, in connection with the elections Serentak Year 2018 in West Java, we are currently entering the 27th day of the campaign stage of the candidate pair, whether it is the Candidate of Regional Head and Deputy Regional Head of Regency / City as well as the Candidate of Governor and Vice Governor of West Java.

    "For that, it is important that I convey to all levels of KPU, Bawaslu, Polri, TNI, local government, including Political Parties and all components of the people of Bekasi and Purwakarta to jointly create an orderly, safe, polite, quality, "Aher added.

    Furthermore, Aher continued, pursuant to Article 133A of Law Number 10 Year 2016, Regional Government is responsible for developing democratic life in the region, especially increasing the participation of the community in using voting rights.

    "Therefore, it is expected that the Acting Brothers of Mayor and Acting Regent and all local government of Bekasi City and Purwakarta Regency can implement the mandate of the rules in creative, innovative, effective and efficient ways," he said.
    In addition, Governor Aher also reminds ASN related neutrality, especially this year is the political year.

    "Do not let a partisanship or tendency to one of the candidate pairs affect our performance. Stay professional and make rules and tupoksi as a guide when working," he said.

    Aher asks all ASNs to comply with the directions of the Minister of PAN RB, obey KASN directives, and obey the BKD directives. ASN West Java Province should be an example of a good and professional governmental face, so that the community is no longer apathetic towards the government and willing to participate using the right to vote in the Pilkada Serentak Year 2018. (Pun)

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