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    Aher Encourages the Development of Sharia Banks


    BANDUNG REGENCY-The Governor of West Java, Ahmad Heryawan, encourages the growth of sharia economy by inviting all Muslim communities in West Java to use Shariah banking.

    This was conveyed by Aher at the inauguration of HIK Parahyangan HB Parahyangan BPRS Building, on Jalan Experiment, Cileunyi, Kabupaten Bandung, Tuesday (13/3/2018).

    "We must encourage the growth of sharia economy, because it could be more comfortable to use sharia society, so it needs expansion of Islamic financial institutions," he said.

    He said that with the percentage of Muslims in West Java that reached 97%, will be a huge opportunity to enlarge sharia banking in order to compete with conventional banking.

    "If we are not the ones who raise the sharia's finance like who?" 97 percent of the population (Jabar) Muslims, it's our duty to use Islamic finance, but also with the readiness of Islamic financial institutions, "he said.

    Aher claimed to be a Muslim, strongly believes in the blessing of every sustenance he gets. It depends on where the origin of the sustenance comes from.

    Therefore, Aher is committed to maintaining the value or value of the sustenance he earns by saving the money in sharia banking.

    In addition, he also asks Islamic financial institutions not only to lend and receive savings, but also provide guidance to customers in order to be able to have the ability financially.

    "There is no opposition to wealth and devotion, the danger that young people do not have knowledge of sharia economics," he said.

    He also hopes, the future of Indonesia has a state-owned banks with syariah platform. The reason, by implementing the Islamic banking system, very many benefits that will be in the can. In addition to the many who feel the convenience of using the Islamic financial system, will also facilitate cooperation with financial institutions of countries from the Middle East.

    "There are state-owned companies, reasonable, because the funds of Middle East countries must find shariah banking, in Malaysia there are sharia banks like state-owned companies, in Indonesia should also be encouraged sharia state-owned banks in order to facilitate partnerships with foreign financial institutions," he concluded. (Even)

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