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    West Java Police Joint Anti Hoax Declaration Community


    Bandung, - The rise of news circulation bohomg or fake in social media especially before elections Jabar 2018 considered often misleading people's lives. For that, West Java Police along with all elements of society declared Anti hoax.

    West Java Police Chief Inspector General Drs. Agung Budi Maryoto said the anti hoax declaration was done on the initiation of all elements of society. In the declaration some elements of the community involved are MUI and Muhamadyah, Persis, NU, MUUI, KPU and Bawaslu.

    "Included earlier was attended by Pangdam III Siliwangi," said Agung told reporters in Bandung, Tuesday (13/3/2018)

    Agung said that so far the whole society appreciates and even supports the Police in combating the news circulation hoax. But so far, no one has coordinated the declaration.

    "People appreciate and want to work together but no one coordinates, so at this good time I invite especially with FKPD which was also attended by Pangdam III Sikiwangi including Chairman of MUI and Muhamadyah, Persis, NU, MUUI, KPU and Bawaslu," explained Agung

    West Java Police Chief explained during this time from 21 social media that often appear only two true. That is, some information circulating a lot that is not true alias false or lie. To that end, West Java Police committed will continue to quell the news circulation hoax.

    "Especially now approaching elections Jabar, so that we include all levels of society determined to combat the news circulation hoax.We increasingly spirit to provide a sense of security and comfort to the public so that content-jonten that we do not properly clean," said Agung

    On the same occasion, Polda Jabar also invited a number of mass media leaders. According to Agung, people of the Press is one means to educate the nation's life by giving a balanced or balanced information.

    "It was submitted by one of the leaders of the media, so there is ethics that must be submitted and should not deliver the false news," he concluded

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