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    Netty Shared Tips to Build A Harmonious Family: Answer These Three Questions!


    SUMEDANG REGENCY- Domestic violence, diversion of care, children trapped in drugs and pornography, to human trafficking is part of the many social problems caused by family vulnerability. The magnitude of social impact that could have occurred to the community shows the importance of commitment in building a harmonious family.

    Chairman of Integrated Service Center for Women and Children Empowerment (P2TP2A) West Java Province Netty Prasetiyani Heryawan said, one of the first steps to realize the harmony of families who have immunity, should couples (pairs) contemplate these three questions.

    First, 'why am I married?'. Some will answer 'run the Sunnah of the Prophet, as a form of worship', 'to get offspring', and so on. However, Netty said, there are still many couples who say 'no other choice, because urged age', 'because pregnant out of wedlock', even 'because parents have debts'.

    "Imagine what kind of family would be built if from the beginning of the concept of marriage like that," said Netty as a single speaker at the Coordination Meeting Motivator Program Family Endurance (Motekar) Year 2018, at Hotel Puri Khatulistiwa Jl. Raya Jatinangor KM 20, Monday (12/03).

    The second question is 'why did I choose him as a life partner?'. Netty's direct survey to the rakor participants said most couples responded 'because he is beautiful / handsome'. Physical factors still dominate a person's decision to choose a partner, so psychically they have not fully loved. Even in some cases there are coercion factors, such as family matchmaking, and so on.

    "The important thing is the ability to love without limit. If milihnya because he is good looking, later if there is progress and widening (physical changes) how? "He said.

    Finally, the question that should be asked of each couple is 'how do I convey my love to the couple?'. Often, says Netty, couples instead rely on each other to declare it first. Reluctance to express affection first creates distance, may even invite a continuing misunderstanding.

    "Do not wait for each other!" Netty concluded. "Expressing first can give the impression of an open partner, and make communication more smoothly. There will be no misunderstanding, so there will be no flying saucers at home, "he continued.

    According to Netty, it is Motekar's job to socialize the harmonious family concept. In addition, Motekar must also be an example and provide an example of an ideal family form to the community. Therefore, Netty suggested that Motekar is honed is a member of the elected community who are married and have children, so that it can position itself in the troubled family in the community.

    The sense of empathy is also an important point that must be owned by every Motekar. And the sense of empathy, according to Netty, more easily found in individuals who already married. "How Motekar can understand the problem in the household if he himself has not felt married life and have children?" Netty concluded.

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