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    Developing West Java Coffee, BI Cooperates with IPB


    BANDUNG- Bank Indonesia West Java Provincial Representative Office in cooperation with Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) will conduct a survey related to coffee production industry from upstream to downstream in a number of cities and districts in West Java.

    Deputy Head of Bank Indonesia West Java Representative Office, Ismet Inono expect, the results of a research survey conducted for 2 months can be known how big the potential of this coffee commodity.

    "We want to see how if we develop this coffee in West Java with the empowerment of UMKM which entirely manage coffee cultivation," he said.

    According to Ismet, by looking at the potential and production of coffee commodities in West Java, it is possible to get into the tourism industry by becoming one of the destinations for tourists.

    "We will go to areas that produce coffee, to producers, farmers and institutions that do coaching," he said.

    According Ismet, Jabar has the most variant of coffee in the appeal of other areas so that the West Java Regional Government has a concern in the development of coffee commodities which is one of the new economy that has export orientation.

    "We want to move the economic sector in West Java is related to export activities that coffee," said Ismet, to www.Jabarprov.go.id. (Parno)

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