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    Jasa Raharja Guarantees All Travel Accident Victims at Emen Climb


    BANDUNG- PT. Jasa Raharja ensure will guarantee all traffic accident victims that occurred on Monday (12/03) at around 12:00 pm on the Emen ramp or precisely on Jalan Raya Bandung-Subang Kp. Cicenang Ds / Kec. Ciater Subang regency which overrides Isuzu Elf vehicle No.Pol: E-7548-PB.

    Head of Branch PT Jasa Raharja West Java, Eri Martajaya said it had guaranteed all the victims of travel accidents dikanjakan Emen with the number of victims to reach 17 people including a travel driver.

    "There are 16 people treated in RSUD Subang and for driver not treated, and we have issued a guarantee to the hospital," said Eri, to www.Jabarprov.go.id, Monday (12/03)

    According to Eri, with the release of a guarantee letter to the hospital so that the victims who were treated did not have to pay for the hospital's maintenance.

    "According to the rules, each casualty victim get a maximum of Rp.20 million for treatment costs, serious injuries 5 people and minor injuries 12 people," he said.

    Please note, chronology of Isuzu Elf vehicle incident No. Pol. : E-7548-PB piloted by Arif, carrying 16 passengers coming from the south (Bandung) to the north (Subang) as it passes the deserted road and cornering left the vehicle drove uncontrollably and rolled on the left side of the road.

    Victim data:
    1. Tanti (P ??/ 19th) / Light Wound (LR)
    2. Indra (L / 27th) LR
    3. Kurniawati (P ??/ 21th) LR
    4. Goddess (P / 23th) LR
    5. Egi (L / 15th) / Heavy Injuries (LB)
    6. Didi (L / 25th) LR
    7. Ega (L / 15th) LB
    8. Tohirin (L / 23th) LB
    9. Ari (L / 29th) LB
    10. Rohedi (L / 21th) LB
    11. Safitri (P / 16th) LR
    12. Kantona (L / 19th) LR
    13. Wardani (L / 28th) LR
    14. Ahmad (L / 29th) LR
    15. Kursari (P / 20th) LR
    16. Eko (L / 19th) LR
    17. Arif (L / 35th.Sopir) LR (Parno)

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